Opportunities To Grow

Cultivating a Proper Foundation

Children love coming to our church because they learn the Bible and are interested in doing so. Compassionate and dedicated people interact with them and lead them joyfully in Bible truth.

  • Sunday School classes with prepared, encouraging teachers
  • Morning church service designed particularly for them and their needs
  • Mid-week clubs which teach character, Bible principles and promote singing to God
For The Next Generation

Many opportunities are available for the youth who attend our church. Great emphasis is placed on spiritual growth and development and it is exciting to see youth realize that serving Christ can be fun!

  • Classes to learn and apply the Bible in real-life situations
  • Training time in the mid-week to increase the capacity to serve
  • Meetings, rallies, fun activities to encourage friendships
Women’s Gatherings

At our church we are attempting to minister to the unique needs which face women today. The social aspect of the individual should never be placed ahead of the spiritual needs, but they are still important.

  • Special trips and events
  • Annual dinners and gatherings
  • Special Sunday School classes for ladies only
  • Bible studies throughout the year

Because of the various colleges and universities the Greater Columbus Area has a very large population of adults under thirty. This age group has so much they can offer the Lord, being mobile, active and social.

  • Intermission Ministry – designed for those making the change from education to career
  • Singles events designed for fellowship and Bible study
  • Group ministry events to assist others in the church family
Family Fellowships

We believe church is a great place to make friends – especially a friendly church like ours. Families need encouragement and fellowship and we strive to offer both.

  • Regularly scheduled fellowship nights after the services
  • Family-oriented messages and conferences
  • Special events through the year
Men’s Meetings

The church is necessary to equip the believer to face the opposition he will receive from the world, the flesh and the devil.  To omit the local church from one’s routine is to bypass the process which Christ provided for our spiritual welfare.

  • Men’s Bible studies
  • Men’s work days
  • Attend annual men’s crusades
  • Fellowships through the year designed for men