MAY 1, 2020 UPDATE

On Sunday, May 17 we are reverting to our originally published plan and will make our Sunday morning service accessible to those who wish to attend. We do so urging that each of us would treat our brothers and sisters charitably and would happily concur with the following guidelines:

  • If you are in the “at-risk” category, we encourage you to remain home.
  • All who enter the building should have previously confirmed that morning their temperature is normal – we would ask that anyone with even a low-grade fever to consider others and not attend.
  • If you are not feeling well, please cooperate and do not attend.
  • Our doors will be open for those who feel compelled to attend the service for conscience sake. Christian liberty in this instance would be to continue to remain home without a sense of shame or fear of rebuke. Each family and individual should prayerfully and earnestly decide their own course of action.
  • The focus of the service will remain on those viewing on the internet, for we assume the majority of the congregation will be remaining at home.
  • Those who attend are neither required to wear masks nor should they be hesitant to do so, if they so desire.
  • We will have persons designated at the side entrance to open the doors – this will lessen the potential of picking up germs from the door handles.
  • All of the doors in the building will remain open in rooms that we are using, except for the restrooms.
  • The offering plates will be available at the front of the auditorium and will not be passed during the service.
  • We will designate which pews should remain empty in order to provide the suggested distance from those who are not in the same famiies.
  • We are asking that those who sit together would be the same individuals who travelled together.
  • While we do not expect to dismiss or admit attendees “row by row” we will encourage attendees to stagger their entrance and departure in order to remain a healthy distance apart.
  • We will be thoroughly sanitizing the building each week.

This current stage should not be mistaken for a “reopen” or a “restart” of our services. It is basically a return to our original plan of making the service available to those whose conscience would not permit them to remain home for the Sunday morning service.

  1. We will not have a nursery available.
  2. Our choir will not be singing.
  3. Children’s ministries and bus transportation will not be available at this time.
  4. The Sunday 11 AM service will be the only service where we will open our doors.

Many factors have been weighed as we have arrived at this decision. At the present time, we are unclear as to when we will resume what may be considered a “normal” (albeit amended to a degree) schedule of meetings. We are hopeful by early summer that we may provide multiple opportunities for corporate worship.