On Sunday, June 21 we will be entering Phase 2 of the relaunch of the North Columbus Baptist Church. As we move forward corporately, let us remember to have compassion toward those who are at-risk and continue to treat our brothers and sisters charitably.

  • If you are in the “at-risk” category, we encourage you to decide your preferred course of action without any guilt and in the freedom of Christian liberty.
  • All who enter the building should have previously confirmed before attending that their temperature is normal – we would ask that anyone with even a low-grade fever to consider others and not attend.
  • If you are not feeling well, please cooperate and do not attend.
  • The focus of the service will once again be turned toward those in attendance, while inviting those unable to attend to view online.
  • Those who attend are neither required to wear masks, but should not feel hesitant to do so, if they so desire.
  • The offering plates will be available at the front of the auditorium and will not be passed during the service.
  • We will designate which pews should remain empty in order to provide the suggested distance from those who are not in the same families.
  • We will be sanitizing the sanctuary and rest rooms briefly following each Sunday service and the entire building thoroughly each week.
  • We are encouraging people to attend three services weekly:
    • Sunday 11:00 AM Worship Service
    • Sunday 5:00 PM Worship Service
    • Wednesday 7:00 PM Discipleship Classes for Small Groups
  • Once an 80% “COVID” capacity is reached in the sanctuary on a Sunday morning, we will immediately begin a 9:00 AM service the following Sunday. Since the building will be at its cleanest and the attendance at its lowest, we would encourage more of the senior congregation to attend that service.

This is a Restart of our church services and we will be providing more opportunities to serve. We will be using the corporate meetings to prepare for Phase 3: a complete Relaunch of activities in the fall.

  1. A nursery will be available for all services – except the 9:00 AM service when needed.
  2. We do not believe it is advisable for the choir to begin singing in the services yet.
  3. Some children’s ministries will begin but our bus service is slated to begin in the fall.

We are hopeful that this return to a more “normal” schedule of services will be of great spiritual benefit and become a great source of comfort to our members through these tumultuous times.

We prayerfully anticipate a full Relaunch of Phase 3 on September 27.