During times of concern, confusion and conflict, the events of life can cause us to take our eyes off Jesus. While Peter kept his eyes on the Saviour, the rolling waves could not sink him, the howling wind could not oppress him and the pelting rain could not deter him. Once his focus shifted from his Lord onto the potential peril which surrounded him, he began to sink.

This page will be continually updated while we prayerfully seek God’s wisdom in implementing procedures which are intended to promote the safety of our flock and be a testimony to our community. The updates found here serve as announcements to our church family,  a history of our church’s reaction to the unknown and as a witness of our attempts to live in harmony with the commands of Christ and the ordinances of man.

Through it all, we must not allow the events which swirl about us and surround us to take our eyes off our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. All things are in His control.